Happy Raksha Bandhan | Happy Rakhi – Famous Indian Festival

Happy Raksha Bandhan Images | Rakhi Images | Raksha Bandhan images with quotes

Happy Raksha Bandhan Images | Rakhi Images | Raksha Bandhan images with quotes | Rakhi Purnima | Rakhi Wishes | Happy Raksha Bandhan Status

“Happy Raksha Bandhan” or “Happy Rakhi festival” or “Rakhi festival” or is the most pious and Famous Indian Festival celebrated on the day of Rakhi Purnima, which reinforces the eternal bonding of love between brothers and sisters. In India, Happy Raksha Bandhan Celebration is celebrated in the month of Shravan (August) every year. Brothers send Raksha bandhan images | wishes to sisters.


raksha bandhan images
Rakhi Images


What is Raksha Bandhan | Rakhi | Rakhi Purnima | [Best] Rakhi Images | Raksha Bandhan Celebration | Raksha Bandhan Date and Time | [Best] Rakhi wishes

Raksha Bandhan’s fundamental idea is to honor the bond between brothers and sisters. Sisters adopt the puja thali with a Diya, Chawal or Rice grain, Roli and Rakhi. After worshiping Lord Ganesha, Sisters put a Tika or tilak with Roli and Chawal on the forehead of her brother and tied the Rakhi on the right-hand wrist of her brother and prayed for his protection, victory, success, and long life. Hence, the words “Raksha Bandhan” mean the “Bond of Protection.”


On the day of Raksha Bandhan, sisters tie ‘Rakhi‘ as a secret thread on her brother’s wrist, and the sister prays to her brother’s long and safe life. In return, the brother guarantees to protect her sister and offers her a present. In the past, Raksha Bandhan was not only established the mark of the love between a brother and sister, but also it’s a prayer for the victory in a war of his brother.

In the past, Happy Raksha Bandhan was not only established the mark of the love between a brother and sister, but also it’s a prayer for the victory in a war of his brother.


raksha bandhan images
Happy Rakhi


Raksha Bandhan 2024 Date and Timings | Raksha Bandhan 2024 Shubh Muhurat


This year, Happy Raksha Bandhan is observed on Thursday, 11 August 2024 and will be celebrated with similar passion and anticipation where sister’s will tie the Rakhi to their brother’s wrist to protect them from all danger.


Raksha Bandhan 2024 Thread Ceremony Time5:50 AM to 06:03 PM (Thursday, 11 August, 2024)


Aparahan Time – 13:44 to 16:23 (11 August, 2024)

Pradosh Time   – 20:08 to 22:18 (11 August, 2024)


Purnima Tithi Starting Time – 10:37 (11 August, 2024)


Purnima Tithi Ending Time  – 07:05 (12 August, 2024)



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Happy Rakhi


Origin of Raksha Bandhan Festival 


As per Hindu mythology, a long battle occurred between the Gods and the Demons, where the Demons won after a long-lasting fight of twelve years. Post battle, the Demons seized the throne of Gods-Indra and the three worlds, i.e., Swarg, Martha, and Patal. God Indra went to God Brihaspati for his advice. Lord Brihaspati advised Indra to chant some mantras for his protection.

Dev Guru Brihaspati started the process of prayer by chanting the mantras in the month of Shravan on a Full Moon day. During this prayer period, a sacred thread tied to a packet comprising the blessings, tied to God Indra’s wrist by his wife ‘Indrani’ after the ceremony. Because of these blessings, Lord Indra got his power to conquer the Demons and recover his missing kingdom.

This day, the silk thread the sister tied on her brothers’ wrist isn’t merely a thread but a symbol of pure, sacred, and unceasing love between them both, coupled with all the headlines for lasting protection. After the sister got married, the brother leaves it a point to stop by the sisters’ home and receive the Rakhi.

Rakhi, which is a very colorful band made up of golden and red threads. Nowadays, ladies people also used to tied Rakhi to the wrist of the Indian Soldiers as a symbol of protection.

Happy Raksha Bandhan, also called Rakhi Festival, is among the important festivals in India which celebrate the relationship. Raksha Bandhan falls on the Complete moon of Shravan month, known as Shravan Purnima.



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Rakhi Images


Rakhi Purnima Significance in India

In the past, Raksha Bandhan was mainly celebrated in North India. Today, the ritual gets celebrated almost in all parts of India. The simple threads of Rakhi symbolize the sacred bonding of love between brother and sister.

Raksha‘ stands for protection, and ‘Bandhan‘ stands for ‘bonding.’ There are several reasons for celebrating Raksha Bandhan, and it becomes a mixture between religion and social custom. 


This ritual is observed in most areas of India. 


Kajari –

In North India, Happy Raksha Bandhan is celebrated as Kajari Purnima. This festival is celebrated when barley and wheat are sown in this area. Farmers worshipped Goddess Bhagwati for her blessings for a good crop.


Nariyal Purnima –

Various regions have different beliefs. Rakhi is regarded as an offering to Lord Varuna – the Lord of this Sea from the Western Ghats region. On this day, Lord Varuna is offering Coconuts by throwing the coconuts into the Sea as a ritual. Here, the festival of Rakhi is popularly Called Nariyal Purnima, which also marks the start of the fishing season.


Avani Avittam  

In South India, Happy Raksha Bandhan is known as Avani Avittam. During this festival, the Brahmins used to take a holy bath and change their sacred thread (Janeyu) while chanting the mantras. The Janeyu represents this vow for adherence to Vedic civilization, observance of Hindu customs, and service to humankind. The ceremony is known as Shravani or Rishi Tarpan. All Brahmans celebrate it in precisely the identical way.


Pavitropana –

In a ceremony called Pavitropana, a couple of twisted filaments of cotton are soaked in panchagavya, which is a mix of cow’s ghee, milk, curd, gow-mutra(Urine), and gobar(excreta) and then secured around a Shivalinga. In Gujarat, people offer water to Lord Shiva on Rakhi Purnima and pray to God for forgiveness.



raksha bandhan images
Rakhi quotes


Raksha Bandhan Mythology

Rakhi is the sacred thread is thought of as a unique method of showing faith in the holy relationship between sisters and brothers. The significance of protection it retains from many decades before. There have been a lot of stories before that reveals its importance.

In early times, sages utilized to ties Raksha threads in their disciple’s wrist which acted as a boon considering that this thread will function as protection during any combat in their life. This delicate thread gets the capacity to wash off and free one from all the sins, which makes the event a particular moment, and so also Rakhi provides the enchanted protection guard to siblings, which makes the festival unique.


raksha bandhan quotes


Origin Of Raksha Bandhan

The Shravan or even the monsoon month includes all colors and colors of emotions and nature. The full moon day of this holy month is considered to be a pious day. Therefore, it’s celebrated in various ways for various reasons nearly around the entire country.

Rakhi Purnima, or the full moon day of the month of Shravan, for siblings, is the day of eternal love, for Brahmins the afternoon to select the assurance of Brahmanik rites also for people who depend on Sea along with monsoon, it is the start of the new year.

Indian festivals are predicated upon the weather changes and their importance in the lives of individuals, but they have a narrative to encourage the parties. The Indian Mythology stipulates a spiritual reason to observe the day in a particular way. Therefore, most epics are regarding the day and the source of Raksha Bandhan.

From The Epics – Happy Raksha Bandhan

Raksha Bandhan would uncover a reference in Mahabharata if Lord Krishna advised Yudhishthir to successfully execute the service to guard himself and the soldiers against the risks of this war. It’s stated that Kunti, the mother of the Pandavas, tied Rakhi for her grandson Abhimanyu along with Draupadi to Lord Krishna. raksha bandhan images.




The Significance Of Happy Raksha Bandhan

Raksha Bandhan is currently regarded as a day to cherish the eternal relationship between siblings there were cases in history in which in Rakhi has only become a symbol of Raksha or protection. It might be tied by spouse, a mother or daughter. The Rishis or Sages attached Rakhi to the men and women who arrived looking for their blessings.

Even the sages tied the holy thread for themselves to secure guard them against the wicked. By all means it signifies that the ‘Papa Todak’ i.e destroying the sins and ‘Punya Pradayak Parva’ i.e. offering blessings and also the day which bestows boons and finish all sins as it has been said in the scriptures.

Formerly, Happy Rakhi festival encircles the warmth shared between the brothers and sisters but presently it extends its boundary. Some people today tie Rakhi to acquaintances and intimate friendships for representing a calm and co-existence of each person. Rakhi Utsav was initially popularized by the famous poet Rabindranath Tagore to the society for the sense of unity and a dedication to all members of the society to protect one another and promote a compatible social life.

Currently the Raksha Bandhan festival has a different dimension. The event calls for an assurance of life-time lesson of cultural and religious values. The values along with the ideas connected to the principles of the festival are well worth inculcating by the entire human race, so the thoughts of stability and peaceful coexistence. raksha bandhan images.

The festival of Happy Raksha Bandhan supposes all sorts of Raksha or security, of righteousness and destroyer of sin. The ritual of Rakhi has gotten so significant that come what might, sisters and brothers attempt to see every other location with this specific day tin arrangement to attract back the oneness of their household, binding the family together in a eternal bond of love.


Rakhi Purnima


The Myth From Bhavishya Puran – Happy Raksha Bandhan

As per Bhavishya Puran, a long battle occurred between the Gods and the Demons, where the Demons won after a long-lasting fight of twelve years. The Demon king Brutra was fighting with Gods and god-king, Indra was on the verge of defeat. Spiritual God Brihaspati requested Indra to tie some sacred thread in his wrist, empowered by the holy mantras during the Shravan Purnima.

Lord Indra’s Queen Sachi, additionally known as Indrani, let the ribbon and tied it to his hands on a determined day. The ability of this sacred thread named Raksha assisted the Celtics to triumph. The custom of the sacred thread of protection still remains as a symbol of protection.

Lord Vishnu had taken up the job to safeguard his kingdom, departing his own abode in Vaikunth. Goddess Laxmi wanted to be with her God back within her abode. So she moved into Bali disguised as a Brahmin girl to look for refuge until her husband returned again. raksha bandhan quotes

Throughout the Shravan Purnima festival, Goddess Laxmiji tied the holy thread into the King. Upon being requested, she revealed that she was and she had been there. The King had been touched with her goodwill because of his loved ones and her purpose and asked the Lord to follow with her. Thus, he sacrificed everything he had for the Lord and his loyal wife.

Hence the festival can also be known as Baleva that’s Bali Raja’s dedication to the Lord. It is stated that it’s become a custom to invite sisters at Shravan Purnima for its sacred thread tying ceremony or even the Happy Raksha Bandhan.

The Rakhi festival had been a ritual followed closely by Lord Yama (the Lord of Death) and his sister, Yamuna. The calmness of this event moved Yama. He announced that whoever receives a Rakhi tied out of his sister and assured her defense will become immortal.

Relevance Of Raksha Bandhan

It stays true that relationship is the most crucial factor for almost any Indian festival. Each event brings your family together, which requires a get-together. Raksha Bandhan is a celebration of one such relation – which establishes the bonding between brothers and sisters.

This is a unique celebration that is only used to celebrate in India. It’s a day when dinosaurs beg for others’ well being and want for others’ success, joy, and happiness. ‘Raksha Bandhan’ indicates a bond of protection.

On this dreadful day, brothers take a vow for their sisters to safeguard them from all difficulties and issues, along with the sisters plead to God to safeguard their brother out of all evil and to become victorious. Sisters tie the sacred thread named Rakhi in his brother’s wrist and also beg for their success, and brothers claim to look after their sisters.



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